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Things to Know & Fun Facts about Humboldt County


Things to Know When Visiting:

1) The beach here is not like Southern California beaches - the water is cold and the currents are swift. Do not turn your back on the ocean, especially in the winter months. If you want to surf or kayak in summer months, be prepared to buy or rent a wetsuit first, so you don't get hypothermia.

2) The weather in Humboldt can change every twenty minutes and vary widely in different areas of the county. No matter how sunny it looks in the morning, and even if the forecast calls for 0% chance of rain, throw an extra jacket and an umbrella in your car before heading out for the day anyway.

3) If it gets wet, dry it. If you don't, it mildews.

4) All the big trees here aren't redwoods. Many are Sitka spruce, which is also a giant tree species and very little old-growth Sitka spruce forest remains. There are also many other varieties of trees in the Humboldt forests, including Douglas fir, tanoak, madrone, maple, laurel, red alder and more.

5) Is there a lot of ganja in Humboldt? Yes. Is there so much that it's free? No. If you're a local and in the right circles, maybe. But mostly no.

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